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Kate Deering

Personal Trainer / Fitness & Nutrition Coach

For over 20 years Kate Deering has been involved in the health and fitness industry helping men and women of all ages achieve optimal health and wellness. Read More…

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"Milk, often promoted as a fattening food by milk opponents, is continually linked to people who are less fat. One explanation for lower body mass is the effect calcium has on the body’s cells. When adequate amounts of calcium are in the diet, parathyroid hormone (PTH) is kept low. According to Dr. Ray Peat, “When PTH is kept low, cells increase their formation of the uncoupling proteins, that cause mitochondria to use energy at a higher rate.”

The mitochondria of every cell are where the energy is produced. Increasing the mitochondria’s energy production increases overall metabolism.

Nutrient Journal reported in a 2013 study of 720 men and women that increased dairy consumption is linked to a more favorable body composition. Current research in Korea, Europe, the United States, and Brazil has also shown a strong correlation between milk drinkers and lower body mass and improved health."

-Kate Deering , "HTHYM"

Message for the week. Don't be afraid of drinking quality milk!
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