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Why Eating Like a “Celebrity” Will Ruin Your Metabolism

Why eating like a “celebrity” will ruin your metabolism There was a time in my life, many, many years ago, that I used to buy into “celebrity” diets.  I’d pick up the current People or Us magazine and read how Oprah or some other celebrity had lost extreme amounts of weight–quickly.   The celebrity would claim that all they had to do was eat pre-packaged food, or consume a liquid-only diet, or eat a low calorie diet and/or take a magic supplement to drop pounds rapidly.  I would see the before and after pictures and think, “Wow, that diet really worked, look how fast they lost weight, and see how good they looked.”. Both the celebrity and I would assume the diet really worked! What you didn’t see or hear about was how the celebrity, three months later, was struggling to keep off the weight.  Then within the next 6 months to 2 years, the same celebrity would show up in People or Us magazine with all the weight back on confessing they had no will power and they had failed, once again, at keeping their weight down.  Oprah, it’s not you fault!!! How many of you have seen these headlines in a magazine, TV show, on the Internet or one of the other million of places you are marketed to? *Learn how insert celebrity name here lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. *Or learn how insert celebrity name here lost her baby weight in 60 days. *Or learn how insert celebrity name here got red-carpet ready. The story above and all of these statements NOW irritate the crap out... read more

Nuts and seeds…Too much of a good thing?

Nuts and seeds…Too much of a good thing? For years, nuts and seeds were a BIG part of my diet.  Nuts, seeds, nut and seed bars, and nut butters were staples when it came to my everyday food plan.   I ate almond butter in my oatmeal in the morning, a bag of nuts for a snack, a few nuts on my salad for lunch and a scoop of peanut butter in my protein shake later on in the day.  Nuts and seeds, seeds and nuts…how could you lose with such a tasty nutritious snack? The only problem, were some digestive issues: stomach bloating and seeing the undigested nuts and seeds in my stool (I know…too much information).  Quite honestly, I didn’t think much about any of these things because I knew how healthy they were for me. I thought of nuts and seeds as a good source of protein, filled with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals…plus they were convenient and tasted great… right? These days, almost every-health conscious person loves their nuts and seeds.   Almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts… these crunchy, tasty snacks go great with any salad, casserole or just eaten by themselves as a snack.  Eating nuts and seeds has become a staple for individuals who want a healthy snack, that’s easy and taste great. BUT — (you knew there was going to be a BUT)—have any of you, like me, ever had digestive upset, bloating or undigested nuts and seeds in your stool?  I’ll guess most of you will say “yes,” and for those of you that said “no”, you may... read more

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Statements that make my mind go a little crazy...ok, a lot crazy.

"I can't eat breakfast today, I didn't get to workout this morning"


The belief that you can't eat because you didnt sweat for 60 minutes is not only crazy, but metabolically, physically, and emotionally damaging.


1. Food fuels your metabolism, if you opt to skip meals and not eat, your metabolism will SLOW down. The only think eating less and starving yourself does is creates an efficient metabolism--one that needs little food to survive VS one that needs lots of food to thrive.

2. By not eating at night and then to continuing to NOT eat well into the day, your body becomes stressed. Your body needs fuel (sugar) to maintain your blood sugar. Since your liver reserves are most likely used up from the evening fast, for your body to survive it will start breaking down your own tissue (muscle, skin, connective tissue, thymus gland) to regulate your blood sugar. Yay for Catabolism!

3. Punishing yourself by not eating, to pay for your missed workout, is on the edge of an eating disorder. You shouldn't have to "earn" your food/fuel. Your body deserve fuels because it needs it to think, walk, breath, digest, create hormones, move, etc. etc. Controlling your food/workout with punishments and rewards creates an unhealthy relationship with food and yourself.

Bottom line: If you want to food to control your world and life, then keep punishing yourself if you don't earn your meals. If you want to increase metabolic rate, health, energy and happiness then eat--quality foods, sugars, saturated fats, digestible proteins, salt, etc in the right frequencies and ratios for you ALL day long is the best idea:)
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