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Why Eating Like a “Celebrity” Will Ruin Your Metabolism

Why eating like a “celebrity” will ruin your metabolism There was a time in my life, many, many years ago, that I used to buy into “celebrity” diets.  I’d pick up the current People or Us magazine and read how Oprah or some other celebrity had lost extreme amounts of weight–quickly.   The celebrity would claim that all they had to do was eat pre-packaged food, or consume a liquid-only diet, or eat a low calorie diet and/or take a magic supplement to drop pounds rapidly.  I would see the before and after pictures and think, “Wow, that diet really worked, look how fast they lost weight, and see how good they looked.”. Both the celebrity and I would assume the diet really worked! What you didn’t see or hear about was how the celebrity, three months later, was struggling to keep off the weight.  Then within the next 6 months to 2 years, the same celebrity would show up in People or Us magazine with all the weight back on confessing they had no will power and they had failed, once again, at keeping their weight down.  Oprah, it’s not you fault!!! How many of you have seen these headlines in a magazine, TV show, on the Internet or one of the other million of places you are marketed to? *Learn how insert celebrity name here lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. *Or learn how insert celebrity name here lost her baby weight in 60 days. *Or learn how insert celebrity name here got red-carpet ready. The story above and all of these statements NOW irritate the crap out... read more

Nuts and seeds…Too much of a good thing?

Nuts and seeds…Too much of a good thing? For years, nuts and seeds were a BIG part of my diet.  Nuts, seeds, nut and seed bars, and nut butters were staples when it came to my everyday food plan.   I ate almond butter in my oatmeal in the morning, a bag of nuts for a snack, a few nuts on my salad for lunch and a scoop of peanut butter in my protein shake later on in the day.  Nuts and seeds, seeds and nuts…how could you lose with such a tasty nutritious snack? The only problem, were some digestive issues: stomach bloating and seeing the undigested nuts and seeds in my stool (I know…too much information).  Quite honestly, I didn’t think much about any of these things because I knew how healthy they were for me. I thought of nuts and seeds as a good source of protein, filled with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals…plus they were convenient and tasted great… right? These days, almost every-health conscious person loves their nuts and seeds.   Almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts… these crunchy, tasty snacks go great with any salad, casserole or just eaten by themselves as a snack.  Eating nuts and seeds has become a staple for individuals who want a healthy snack, that’s easy and taste great. BUT — (you knew there was going to be a BUT)—have any of you, like me, ever had digestive upset, bloating or undigested nuts and seeds in your stool?  I’ll guess most of you will say “yes,” and for those of you that said “no”, you may... read more

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I'm 44 years old. In my life time I have been on at least 20 different diet plans. i started "dieting" when I was 15 years--sadly. For the next 23 years I worked VERY hard to stay on each and every diet I attempted. Fat free, vegetarian, South beach, Healthy choice, low calorie, high protein, low carb, cleanses, master cleanse, detoxes, 21 day plans, 30 day plans, 60 day plans...I did them all.

And guess what? I lost weight on each and every one of these diet plans--Yes, I succeeded on ALL these diets--UNTIL, I didn't. Meaning none of these above diets was livable for me. I always had massive cravings when the diet was over. This lead to a huge rebound affect (gained weight) a week after I had cheating, binged, splurged, etc.etc....and then the guilt, the horrible guilt.

Since eating a metabolically supportive diet for the last 6 years, I have no rebound affects, because my body doesn't have the typical (salty and sugar) cravings. Why? Because I eat tons of sugar (juice, honey, fruit, roots, milk) and salt EVERY DAY!!! Genius!

In my 44 years, I have never been on the same diet/eating plan for more than 1 year. Of course, I was never on dieting/eating plan that actually supported what my body really needs and craves--until now. Quality-nutritional sugars, adequate protein, and delicious and satisfying saturated fats has lead to six years of success....althought, I am still learning more, everyday!

Eating is so much easier now. It is no longer an obsession or a constant conversation in my head about what I can and can not have. Now, I just have whatever I want--because my body knows what it wants, when it wants it and it knows when it is done...

Is this magic Or just plain common sense? When you finally get your head wrapped around the fact that you CAN have sugars, you CAN have butter, and you CAN eat A LOT and still be thin--the magic will start happening to you...

Metabolically supportive diets are for people who want long term health, want to feel good, who like to eat, and would like to live with out agony of depriving yourself and feeling like shit...
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