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Kate Deering

Personal Trainer / Fitness & Nutrition Coach

For over 20 years Kate Deering has been involved in the health and fitness industry helping men and women of all ages achieve optimal health and wellness. Read More…

How To Heal Your Metabolism

How to Heal Your Metabolism Lately, as many of you know I have been deep in reading and researching about the systems of the body, healing the body, nutrients, foods that heal and how they are all related in increasing metabolic function.  I think we can agree that we... read more

Is Your Workout Making you Fat?

  Is your workout making you fat? Lately, I have been bombarded with calls and emails from women and men, who are doing tons of cardio AND gaining weight! Correct, they are doing loads of cardio exercise (1-3 hours day) and are gaining, not losing weight. Is this... read more

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A sugar free diet will NEVER starve cancer. Why?…because if you DO NOT give your body sugar, YOUR body will break down its own tissue to feed the cancer...

"If you look at the blood sugar in an animal or person carrying a tumour, their blood sugar is generally at least normal and even if they don’t eat any sugar, they will still keep their blood sugar at about the same level.

There has been many attempts to starve the cancer by lowering the blood sugar, but the cancer, the tumour is sending out signals to provide sugar and protein (amino acids) and fatty acids that it needs to grow, so if you cut off the sugar supply all it does is send out more stress signals to increase, basically cortisol production to break down your tissues.

It causes tissue wasting, the cachexia that is the worst feature of cancer usually. It is produced by the stress hormones, which are converting your protein-y tissues and fat tissues into food to make up for the absence of sugar. " -DR. Ray Peat
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