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“Kate has helped me to understand, at my own pace, that there is a different perspective on true health. She is always encouraging, thoughtful and supportive. Through her monthly consultations, my sleep, energy and general mood are all more stable. Personally, health wise, I have noticed that my cholesterol and general inflammatory markers have come down. I would thoroughly recommend working with Kate!

Vanessa P., Nutrition Coach, London UK.

“Working with Kate has been life changing for me. For the first time after 30+ years of disordered eating, I’m starting to be in tune with what my body wants and needs. I’m letting go of past beliefs and working towards long term healing and happiness in my mind and body.”

-Nicole H., Busy mother of two, Point of Rocks, MD

 I have known Kate Deering professionally for close to six (6) years.  I was introduced to her as the Master Trainer who trained trainers.  She fit the “Master” title without question and soon I looked to Kate as my role model to learn from in the Fitness Industry.  As a Personal Trainer, she is expert in knowing the body and how to functionally train a variety of populations.  She leaves you confident you received a quality session!  But, Kate is much more than a Trainer.  She is educated, skilled and conversant in matters associated with healing mind, body and soul.  Most recently, I have worked with Kate personally to heal my mind, body and soul through Nutrition.  Kate’s in-depth knowledge of exercise physiology and how our bodies work on a cellular level elevates her beyond professionals in her field.  Kate never asks of her Clients (either as a Trainer or Nutrition Coach) to do anything that she has not, herself, tried through experimentation.  Everything she publishes is solidly researched and backed by scientific evidence.  While I am a better Personal Trainer due to my association with Kate… I am a much healthier individual because of our work together to heal my body.  As a side benefit, my weight is down more than 40 lbs as a result of this healing.  Kate’s tutelage, expertise, guidance, support and patience is incomparable.  I am Kate’s peer in the Fitness Industry, yet I hired her as both my Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.  I highly recommend Kate for both Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching.  She is worth the investment!
~ Heidi B., Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor 

Prior to meeting Kate I had a serious injury that had kept me in bed, in pain, and depressed. I wanted my MOJO back. I found Kate through a referral and I have a had the privilege of working with Kate for almost a year now. In that time my entire body composition has changed. Although weight loss was not the goal it was a by product of improving my physical wellbeing.  I believe one of Kate’s understated gift is her ability to pace her clients. The pace for my improvements were small, yet sustainable. My strength improved with each week. I would be sore but not so sore I couldn’t sit or move the next day. It was the perfect, yet stern push that I needed each workout to get me to my next level of strength.  My body today is still healing. I am stronger, healthier, and 100% have my MOJO back!  I would recommend Kate for those who are committed to their wellbeing and would like a constant support in achieving their next. Thank Kate for all your support.
Suzanne W., Executive Coach, Carmel Valley, CA

I have had Kate as my trainer for over 4 years now….I am a woman who will turn 60 this year and I feel like I am in my early 40′s!  She helps me stay on track, not only with a great workout routine twice a week, but Kate has also helped me create some great eating habits that help support my metabolism and help me stay young!  Kate is a huge part of me keeping a heathy lifestyle and aging gracefully.
Charlene H.,  Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Kate provides a unique, personalized workout plan based on the goals that you have set for yourself. The flexibility of being able to come to your home or wherever is convenient to you is a big plus. She will also tailor the workouts around the equipment that you have at your home. Kate provides a personalized routine that builds muscle, burns fat, and addressed the problem areas of your body. In addition she will provide health, nutritional and supplemental counseling. The thing that makes Kate most unique is her easy, personable style. You’ll quickly build up trust and a rapport that will lead to quick results. ~ Steve P. Business Executive, Carmel Valley, CA

Kate is a very professional, non-intimating, great motivator. Kate has a way of immediately making you feel comfortable with her comforting rapport and fun personality. By working with Kate I feel hKate is thoughtful, reliable and persistent coach. She has encouraging and helped me do much more than I ever thought I could do. She has never scolded me or bullied, yet has managed to keep me on task and working hard. With her help I became stronger, more flexible, and learned many more new exercises.
~ Sheila C, Writer, Solana Beach, CA

Kate’s workouts are exceptionally challenging every time. Though I am now familiar with most of the exercises we now do, she always seem to spice them up somehow. She makes workout fun and something I look forward to do. Kate has a way of always pushing me beyond what I believe I can accomplish and I love that about her. Kate recognizes my accomplishments and gives me hope for my goals. Kate has a wonderful personality and her sense of humor makes the workouts fun. Kate listens to me and always knows what to say to motivate me to try harder. She is the best trainer I have ever had. In the time I worked with Kate I lost over 20lbs and look and feel better than ever.
Cynthia M., mother of 3 and business professional, Lemon Grove, CA

Since working out with Kate I have become healthier, I have better posture and have more energy. My body fat and weight went down, I lost inches and gained strength and had increased muscle size. The best thing about Kate is even though she works you hard she makes it a fun experience.
~ Anthony K, Business Owner, La Jolla, CA 

Kate is amazing because she comes to any location that is convenient to you. Kate helped me set up a fitness and nutritional program that was specific to my needs. With her help and a lot of hard work I went form 22% to 18% body fat and feel much healthier. Kate has a great personality. I like that she is willing to workout with me, which pushes me to keep going!
~ Dr Sarah H., Chiropractor, Solana Beach, CA

From two, former junk food loving, on the long side of middle aged women…..Kate Deering proved to be one of the best things that happened to us. Not only did she provide us with positive direction on workouts she educated us on eating healthy and taking care of ourselves. She did all this with patience and humor and gained two life long fans in the process.
~ Sally E, and BJ A, Realtors, Roswell, GA

Kate is one of the only trainers that I have ever worked with that takes your success to heart more than you do.  She is always there pushing you that much harder.  She is incredible.  Kate is unique because of her energy and knowledge.  With as many clients as Kate has it is amazing how you feel that you are the most important one during the session.  Kate is always there for you and on the top of her game.  I can not recommend her enough.
~ Todd P, Business Owner, Carmel Valley, CA

I have worked with several personal trainers in the past but never felt they truly understood what was best for my body and goals.  I have now worked with Kate for over a year and she has helped me get into great shape.  I have gone from 24% to 17% body fat.  Kate has also helped me recuperate from a very bad accident which broke my back.  Having the commitment to Kate is a commitment to myself.  The commitment ensures that I take the time out of my busy, hectic life to do the things that are good for me.  I always look forward to my sessions with Kate.  Her energy is infectious and motivates me even harder.  She keeps the workouts interesting, mixing them up so they do not get monotonous.
~ Kathy L, Business Owner, Carmel Valley, CA

Working with Kate keeps me motivated and teaches me new moves to do in the gym when she is not with me. The diet she gave me was extremely helpful.  I have completely changed my eating habits.  I have never been so conscious of what I eat or how many calories I intake.  What a difference it makes.  The diet changes takes off the first 10 pounds.  The rest was toning and strengthening.  Working with Kate creates a relationship of pure trust.  She can pretty much make me do anything and I know and trust that it is good for my body.  Kate is a great motivator…she is your conscious speaking!
~ Jess H, Business Professional, Point Loma, CA

I acquired Kate so that I would be held accountable for my workouts and to keep myself on track.  The side benefit was losing 15 pounds and 5% body fat.   For me having a trainer is having someone there that will ask more form myself that I would give while training.  Kate does that..she is excellent in reading my capacity without pushing me too far.
~ J.d., Consultant, Solana Beach, CA

I found Kate because I wanted to get in shape while staying outside and doing something different.  I had been a runner on and off for years, but had never focused on strength training.  One of the many great things about Kate is that she incorporates cardio and strength training into every workout.  I have been coming to Kate’s classes for a few years now, I am much more fit and I feel great! Kate is wonderful!  She’s extremely knowledgeable, she listens and responds to feedback and requests, and she makes exercising fun in that every class is different.
~ Deborah S.  Realator, Del Mar, CA

I have used Kate for training to add variety, a new challenge, and to keep my whole body conditioned. Since training with Kate I have more muscle/focus on strength training, decreased body fat, feel overall better/stronger.   Kate’s sessions are always very challenging and fun at the same time. Kate has a great energy about her that makes it easy to look forward to even her most difficult sessions.   She will always find a way to encourage you to be a little healthier than you currently are. She is also always learning and is extremely knowledgeable about the body.
~ Tammy S.  Fitness Professional, Poway, CA

I decided to see a personal trainer because I work a sedentary job and wanted to get back in shape and improve my overall health.   Within the first six months of working with Kate, I was able to put on 10 pounds of lean muscle.  In addition, the workouts are a great release, and I have felt my stress level continually decrease since starting with Kate.  Kate is unique because she genuinely takes a personal interest in your life and overall health, not just the workouts.  She understands that health is as much mental as physical and, instead of simply trying to push you from the outside, she works hard to get you to want to push yourself, and that is what gets results.
~  Greg M.  Attorney, Carmel Valley, CA

I was in a funk – not really eating as nutritiously as I knew I should be, not working out consistently or as intensely as I use to.  I’d put on a few extra pounds and needed to focus on getting back to my leaner and fit self.   Since I have been working with Kate I feel so much better for the following reasons:  I’m eating better, I’m moving my body more, I’ve added intensity and more strength work to my work outs, I love being outdoors and participating in boot camp and stairs workouts, I’ve lost weight and feel more energized through my day.  You see  Kate’s all about nutrition and fitness.  She’s incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the body, nutrition and supplements.  The cross fitness boot camp training on the beach in Del Mar is phenomenal.  Kate knows your limits and can work with you to push through and get out of a plateau.  She’s unbelievably fit and leads by example.
~ Lauren B. Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

I decided to get a personal trainer to help me get back in shape after 14 years of working at a computer  and sitting all day long  The worst came after going thru a brain surgery where I ended up gaining almost 45 lbs.  I had tried working out on my own, but after several months I just wasn’t getting the results I was looking for.   After starting Kate’s personal training and Del Mar bootcamps, I started noticing immediate results, by comparison, and have now lost about 40 lbs to date, going from 215 at my peak fatness down to 172 lbs.

I really can’t say enough about how impressed I’ve been with Kate.  Her personal training does not just involve lifting weights, Kate teaches you how to live better; what to eat, when to eat, how to plan, where to shop, when to get sleep, provides lots & lots of encouragement, and reminds you that we are all just works in progress, and constantly explains the big picture of being healthy…a total lifestyle change.
~ James D.  Aerospace Engineer, Del Mar, CA

I have utilized Kate’s service for 5 years now because I just won’t do it on my own!   Since working with her I have gained more muscle & strength, toning.   Kate has incredible integrity, optimism, undying support, plu she makes me laugh, smile and feel better about myself.
~ Tiffany F.  Fitness Professional, Mira Mesa, CA

I started working with Kate because I was overweight (over 200 lbs), sluggish, lots of aches and pains.  Since working with Kate I have lost weight and have maintained a very healthy 179lbs.  Kate helped me with my diet, lifestyle and workout program.  I feel stronger, with more energy, lots of strength and muscle gain.  I couldn’t be happier.   Kate is very personalized; Kate is very dedicated at each session; she doesn’t just give instruction and sort of watch, she is actively engaged in everything we do together.
~ Leland S.  Business Coach, Solana Beach, CA

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How to evolve/grow into a healthier human...

1. Be open. No matter what you think, you don't know everything. In fact, your beliefs about your life, your healthy, your nutrition, your work, your relationships, etc. may be hurting you more than helping you. Personally, I have held many beliefs that later screwed me up. Luckily, I was open for change. Be open to new information, it may direct you to a better path.

2. Nourish yourself. For you to be able to evolve and grow, in a world of craziness, you need to be properly fueled. I can't tell you how many people are now able to make the BIG decisions in their life, now that the have adequate energy to think, feel and sleep. When your body is under fueled you remain in a state of survival, unable to take on new experiences, ideas and challenges. Fuel your body with nutritionally filled sugars, adequate protein and healthy saturated fats. Once your body has adequate energy and nutrition, your entire world will begin to OPEN up.

3. Move. Your body loves to move. In fact, movement not only improves blood flow, muscle development, digestion, hormone balance and energy level, it also improves brain function and overall nerves system function. Remember there is also a balance in movement, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

4. Conscious Thinking. Most of what we do in life is performed unconsciously--we don't really think about what we are doing, we just do it. It's our habits that take us through our day. For you to change, you have to bring your thoughts back to a conscious level. If you choose to not think about what you want to change, change does not occur--and you continue to fall back to your old ways.

5. Be kind. I always find it amazing how mean and critical people can be--especially on the Internet. Being mean/critical doesn't get you anywhere--in fact, it just makes you look like an ass. Being kind, understanding and empathetic will get you everywhere. It is not your responsibility to tell anyone their beliefs are wrong, because they do not match yours. If what they say, does not vibe with you, then you can either move on OR be quite, open and willing to hear what they have to say...

6. Be quiet. Listen to what others are saying, instead of talking. Sit with your thoughts and feelings in silence. Meditate. Read. Deep breathing.

7. Screw up. Yes, you have to fail to become better. Nobody is getting through life without screwing shit up at least once, maybe 100 times. In fact, those that fail the most, may be the ones that grow the most. More failures means you kept trying, you kept getting up, you kept learning and you didn't allow disappointments to get in your way--which can be REALLY hard. Every time you got up, you got a little bit stronger and a little bit wiser.
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