Grocery Shopping

With the enormous amount of money being spent on food marketing and advertising it’s almost impossible to know and understand what foods are actually healthy for you and what foods are just “good marketing”.

Allow Kate to take the guesswork out of your food shopping. In this 60-90 minute shopping experience, you will learn: The foods that are supportive to your metabolism foods to avoid due to their additives and fillers;

  • What cooking fats are best
  • What fruits and carbohydrates are best
  • What meats and fishes are best
  • What vegetable are best and which ones you should avoid
  • What dairy to choice, why some are better than others
  • What cheeses should be avoided and why
  • What oils should be avoided
  • Which snacks are best and why some should be completely avoided
  • How often should you shop?
  • Why pre-packaged foods are not best, even at the organic based grocery
  • Why organic is best

Shopping excursions are held in the Del Mar, La Jolla, Solana Beach or Rancho Santa Fe area.

*All Shopping Classes are $97.00/hour. Bring a friend for ½ price.
*All classes are limited to no more than 3 people

Cooking Classes
Need help in making the perfect healthy, metabolic meal or snack?
Then this 1-3 hour cooking class is just what you may be looking for.

Example menus are:

Sweet potato pancakes (no flour)
Banana coconut pancakes (no flour)
Cooked seasonal fruit with Greek yogurt
Orange Julius-smoothie

Grilled grass-fed burgers
Cucumber-tomato- daikon salad
Egg, cheese and veggie fritata

Root vegetable salad
Grilled Alaskan Halibut in a butter sauce
Sweet potato-butternut squash mash
Cooked seasonal fruit                                                                          

Home made grass-fed beef or lamb marinara sauce over Spaghetti squash

Coconut flour chocolate chip cookies
Pumpkin- chocolate chip cookies

Cooked seasonal fruits with cheese or yogurt
Homemade beef broth
OJ, coconut water, protein and carbonated water mixer

Please call about cooking class prices. Price will depend on shopping time, prep time, the number of people in the class and actual cooking class time.

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9 simple rules to follow, when eating out and maintaining a metabolically supportive diet.

1. Drink OJ/ carbonated water as your beverage. You will be surprised how much this drink will curb your appetite. Consuming a beverage with some healthy sugars prior to eating will help your blood sugar levels stay stable and keep you from over-eating at your meal. *Alcoholic beverages will usually DROP your blood sugar, encouraging you to eat more than normal. Therefore, if you are going to drink alcohol, add some fruit juice.
2. Avoid the polyunsaturated fats. Most restaurants use cheap, liquid oils to cook their food. Ordering food that is grilled, baked, boiled or raw (like oysters)should help eliminate these oils (but not always). Another options is to ask your food to be cooked in butter, or at the very least EVOO.
3. Eat slow and chew your food. It's easy to over eat, especially if the food is good, when you are eating out. Thus, if you slow down, chew and taste every bite you will be able to STOP eating before you are overfull. Plus, your gut will be much happier with food that has been thoroughly predigested in the mouth.
4. Take 1/2 your protein home. Depending on the restaurant you may go to, your protein may be the equivalent of at least 2 servings. Protein options from many restaurants can range from 6 oz. to 16oz., a normal serving is 3-6oz. Save yourself the heart burn and the additional calories, eat half the protein and take the other half home.
5. Share your meal, apps, and dessert. I love a good meal out. My issue is I like to try many things, but can never finish everything. Thus, sharing EVERYTHING allows me to try more options, but not over eat by trying to eat it all by myself. * fruit, cheese, ice cream and coffee are good dessert options.
6. Order wild, warm blooded fish, shellfish, grass fed and game meats as your entree. These proteins will contain less polyunsaturated fats than farmed, cold water fish and conventionally farmed meats like most beef and chicken options.
7. Eat the potato. And of course, add a little butter and salt. Yes, it's starch, and too much starch can be fattening, but baked, boiled or even mashed potatoes, can be a healthy addition to any meal. Potatoes contain loads of potassium, along with magnesium, vitamin C and B-6. Potatoes also help you fill up, so the desire to eat a PUFA filled dessert decreases.
8. Enjoy your food. Even if you can only do a few of the above, do not stress. Eat slowly and mindfully. Be present with the people you are eating with and have a great time. Nobody is perfect, and the expectation of perfection is only more stress.

9. Eat out, just not too much. The truth is, it is hard to get healthy and lose fat if you are eating out all the time. Home cooked, fresh, organic food is always best. When you cook at home, you KNOW what oils your food is cooked in, you see how your food is prepared, and you are in control of how much and what is put on your plate.
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