Grocery Shopping

With the enormous amount of money being spent on food marketing and advertising it’s almost impossible to know and understand what foods are actually healthy for you and what foods are just “good marketing”.

Allow Kate to take the guesswork out of your food shopping. In this 60-90 minute shopping experience, you will learn: The foods that are supportive to your metabolism foods to avoid due to their additives and fillers;

  • What cooking fats are best
  • What fruits and carbohydrates are best
  • What meats and fishes are best
  • What vegetable are best and which ones you should avoid
  • What dairy to choice, why some are better than others
  • What cheeses should be avoided and why
  • What oils should be avoided
  • Which snacks are best and why some should be completely avoided
  • How often should you shop?
  • Why pre-packaged foods are not best, even at the organic based grocery
  • Why organic is best

Shopping excursions are held in the Del Mar, La Jolla, Solana Beach or Rancho Santa Fe area.

*All Shopping Classes are $97.00/hour. Bring a friend for ½ price.
*All classes are limited to no more than 3 people

Cooking Classes
Need help in making the perfect healthy, metabolic meal or snack?
Then this 1-3 hour cooking class is just what you may be looking for.

Example menus are:

Sweet potato pancakes (no flour)
Banana coconut pancakes (no flour)
Cooked seasonal fruit with Greek yogurt
Orange Julius-smoothie

Grilled grass-fed burgers
Cucumber-tomato- daikon salad
Egg, cheese and veggie fritata

Root vegetable salad
Grilled Alaskan Halibut in a butter sauce
Sweet potato-butternut squash mash
Cooked seasonal fruit                                                                          

Home made grass-fed beef or lamb marinara sauce over Spaghetti squash

Coconut flour chocolate chip cookies
Pumpkin- chocolate chip cookies

Cooked seasonal fruits with cheese or yogurt
Homemade beef broth
OJ, coconut water, protein and carbonated water mixer

Please call about cooking class prices. Price will depend on shopping time, prep time, the number of people in the class and actual cooking class time.

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10 Things that Affect your Blood Sugar, besides sugar...-1️⃣Insulin--is the key to getting sugar into the cell, insulin is released to lower blood sugar (BS) levels-2️⃣Potassium-has insulin-like effects, which helps sugar get into the cell, which can help lower BS.-3️⃣Cortisol--In the absence of sugar, cortisol breaks down your tissue and converts it into glucose to elevate BS levels. AKA Gluconeogenesis-4️⃣Glucagon-Promotes the breakdown of glycogen into glucose in the liver, elevating BS levels. AKA Glycogenolysis-5️⃣Adrenaline--Through both glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis adrenaline can elevate BS levels-6️⃣Thyroid-hypothyroidism can create low and high blood sugar levels. Thus, thyroid can help regulate BS levels.-7️⃣Your health-If you have high fat the blood (diabetic, metabolic syndrome, some cancers), your body will have a harder time utilizing sugar, thus sugar will remain in your blood longer--creating high blood sugar-8️⃣Your diet-consuming sugar by itself will elevate sugar FASTER that sugar consumed with fats and proteins. 9️⃣PUFAs- A high PUFA diet can elevate FFA in the blood, leading to elevated BS levels.-🔟The type of Sugar-fructose has little affect on BS, while glucose will elevate blood sugar levels-Yet, what are we told if someone has HIGH blood sugar levels?-STOP ingesting sugar. 🤨-How does this make sense?-👉Like cholesterol and salt, sugar becomes the easy target, because it is the "thing" that is elevated in your blood. Yet, there are so many other factors that could be contributing to elevated blood sugar. So why only focus on one?!!??-👉Your blood sugar levels can shift by a number of things including hormones, minerals, your diet, types of sugars and your health. To focus on ONLY sugar makes no sense!-Yet, our anti-sugar crazed society does it all the time.-The question is, is there a smarter, healthier, safer way to treat HIGH blood sugar levels?-Tune in Monday when I discuss the MAIN culprit for HIGH blood sugar and what you can do regulate your BS. ... See MoreSee Less
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I am not sure who needs to hear this, but...-👉"Personal importance or taking things personally, is the maximum expression of selfishness because you make the assumption that everything is about "me". -👉Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves. All people live in their own dream, in their own mind; they are in a completely different world form the one you live in."--Don Miguel Ruiz-There are three very common words being used in today's culture, that are supporting a world of self importance- "I am offended".-It seems you can not say or do anything anymore, without offending someone. Yet, what you have to realize is if you are taking offense by someone else's words or behaviors, you are making their actions/words about you. And guess what, their stuff is not about you--it is about them. You get to decide if you want to make it about you and become offended. -If you want to save yourself hours/days/weeks/lifetime of pain, anger and hurt then stop taking things personally. Hint--taking things personally does not help you grow or become a better human--in fact, it will do the opposite. -When you stop taking things personally, you are immune to people's emotional garbage. You understand their behavior is about them and not about you. When you stop taking things personally, your heart becomes open and your life becomes free, as you know you can not be hurt by other peoples words or behavior.-DO. NOT. TAKE. THINGS. PERSONALLY. ❤️🧡💛💚💙-PS. The book, "The Four Agreements" is literally my favorite book in the world, outside of my own. 😉 If you do not have this amazing book--BUY IT!Best $6.00 you will every ... See MoreSee Less
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🔹Four BIG reasons Why Carbs/Sugars are so Important!!!🔹👉Brain PowerGucose is the preferred source of energy for almost every cell in the human body. Glucose is the brain’s main source of energy. In fact, your brain can use up to 1/2 of your consumed/stored glucose. The more you think, the more glucose your brain will need. Without carbohydrates you may feel light-headed, scattered, and forgetful. *The red blood cells and cells of the retina can only use glucose as energy since these cells lack a mitochondria.👉Muscle PowerGlucose is needed for quick muscle energy. Muscle glycogen (stored glucose) is needed for quick energy, especially when weight training and sprinting. If your body is depleted of muscle glycogen, your body will utilize your own muscle, tissue, organs, and fat to provide energy to your muscles while under stress (exercising). *It is important to note that, at rest, your muscles preferred source of energy is fat. Increasing muscle mass is a good argument for helping reduce fat, since the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn at rest. Burning fat at rest is the safest way to get rid of stored fat, since it produces less oxidative damage.👉Thyroid FunctionFor proper metabolism, glucose is needed by the liver to convert thyroxin (T4) to the active triiodothyronine (T3). T3 is needed by all the cells to produce ATP (energy). Without adequate T3 you will have decreased cellular function (slower metabolism). *People on low-carbohydrate diets are notorious for having low body temperature and decreased cellular function. This is attributed to the low intake of carbs (sugars), which will contribute to lower T3 conversion and lower metabolic function.👉Liver DetoxFinally, the liver needs glucose to help with proper detoxification. Low levels of stored glucose (glycogen) will encourage a sluggish liver. This is why fasting and detox programs that restrict carbs (fruits, juices, milk) make NO sense. These programs may help clean out your colon, but they hinder the performance of your liver. The liver is your main detox organ. If you hinder the liver’s performance, how can it detox properly?Do. Not. Be. Afraid. Of. Carbs. ... See MoreSee Less
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Carbohydrates/Sugars-🍎🍐🍊🍌🍉🍇🍑🥭🍒🥔🥕🌶🍍🍠🥛🍯🥝🍆🍓🍅🧉-What you need to know.-1️⃣. Carbohydrates are your primary source of energy. Consuming the right carbohydrates is needed for a high metabolic rate, increased CO2 levels, decreased oxidative damage, good brain function, muscle energy and recovery, and detoxing the liver.-2️⃣. Simple sugars like fructose, glucose, sucrose, and lactose are your best sources. These include: fruits, honey, milk, white sugar, fruit juices, and root vegetables.-3️⃣. Carbohydrates should never be eaten alone. Always combine carbohydrates with a fat and protein (e.g., fruit and cheese, eggs and OJ, and milk and honey).-4️⃣. Low-carb dieting, although effective for quick loss, long term will lead to fatigue, sugar cravings, sleep issues, hormone issues, muscle wasting, and weight gain.-5️⃣. When adding sugars back into your diet, start slowly. Even the right sugars, added in too quickly, will lead to weight gain, bloating, and hormonal issues.-Keep it simple people.-For more information on the foods you can use to heal:Check out my book, "How to Heal Your Metabolism" ... See MoreSee Less
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A day of Pro-Metabolic Food-Other than the carrot salad, I receive more questions on what in any given day. So here you go, here is typical day of food for me on medium activity day.-1️⃣ Breakfast: 🥚🧀☕️🍞2 scrambled eggs in coconut oil with salsa and parm cheese1/4 cup of cottage cheesesour dough bread and butterKetchupCoffee with milk and sugar (not pictured)C: 5252️⃣ Carrot salad 🥕🧂1 medium carrot1 tsp white vinegar1 tsp cocontu oilsalt1 T. Parm cheeseC:753️⃣ Lunch/Peach milk shake🍑🥛🍯🥚1.5 cups of milk 1 cup of frozen peaches1/2 T honey1 T collagenRaw eggBig Spoonful of icecreamC: 5504️⃣ 1.5 oz cheese🧀🦪🍊3 smoked oysters1/2 serving of OJ/pomegranate gummiesC:2505️⃣ Dinner🥩🥔🥕🧅Beef StewGrassfed stew meatRusset potatoesBone brothOnion and carrotsC: 4506️⃣ Bedtime snack🥛🍯3/4 cup milk1 tsp honeyC: 150My calories will range, but on average I eat around 2000kcal/day. Of course, each day might be a little different. In general, I try to eat oysters, eggs, dairy and some sort of gelatin/bone broth EVERY day. The rest may shift, but is still filled with fruit, some starch, meat, fish, liver and/or more dairy. ... See MoreSee Less
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