Grocery Shopping

With the enormous amount of money being spent on food marketing and advertising it’s almost impossible to know and understand what foods are actually healthy for you and what foods are just “good marketing”.

Allow Kate to take the guesswork out of your food shopping. In this 60-90 minute shopping experience, you will learn: The foods that are supportive to your metabolism foods to avoid due to their additives and fillers;

  • What cooking fats are best
  • What fruits and carbohydrates are best
  • What meats and fishes are best
  • What vegetable are best and which ones you should avoid
  • What dairy to choice, why some are better than others
  • What cheeses should be avoided and why
  • What oils should be avoided
  • Which snacks are best and why some should be completely avoided
  • How often should you shop?
  • Why pre-packaged foods are not best, even at the organic based grocery
  • Why organic is best

Shopping excursions are held in the Del Mar, La Jolla, Solana Beach or Rancho Santa Fe area.

*All Shopping Classes are $97.00/hour. Bring a friend for ½ price.
*All classes are limited to no more than 3 people

Cooking Classes
Need help in making the perfect healthy, metabolic meal or snack?
Then this 1-3 hour cooking class is just what you may be looking for.

Example menus are:

Sweet potato pancakes (no flour)
Banana coconut pancakes (no flour)
Cooked seasonal fruit with Greek yogurt
Orange Julius-smoothie

Grilled grass-fed burgers
Cucumber-tomato- daikon salad
Egg, cheese and veggie fritata

Root vegetable salad
Grilled Alaskan Halibut in a butter sauce
Sweet potato-butternut squash mash
Cooked seasonal fruit                                                                          

Home made grass-fed beef or lamb marinara sauce over Spaghetti squash

Coconut flour chocolate chip cookies
Pumpkin- chocolate chip cookies

Cooked seasonal fruits with cheese or yogurt
Homemade beef broth
OJ, coconut water, protein and carbonated water mixer

Please call about cooking class prices. Price will depend on shopping time, prep time, the number of people in the class and actual cooking class time.

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16 hours ago

Kate Deering Fitness

Iron Part 4
What about Iron Overload?
Now, that you know how to increase your iron levels (without taking iron), what do you do if you have too much iron, and you want to decrease your iron levels?
As we get older, we tend to accumulate iron in our tissues. This shows up as age pigment, also known as lipofuscin. Lipofuscin is brown spots on your skin (and organs) that is believed to be increased by exposure to iron, polyunsaturated fats, estrogen, stress and a Vitamin E deficiency.
This accumulation of iron can increase your chances of almost ever disease. Women under 50, who have a menstrual cycle, have a much lower chance of almost all disease, due to their ability to get rid of iron.
Yet, once a woman goes through menopause and stops having a monthly iron detox, within about 15 years, she will catch up to men in the amount of iron accumulating in her tissue (due to their increased estrogen levels).
So what can you do if you have iron accumulation?*
*FYI, This can happen whether your labs say you are "high" iron or "low" iron. Many so called "iron anemic" people can have iron accumulation in their tissues, even when their blood levels are low.
👉1. Donate blood. Donating blood will not only help reduce your iron overload, but it will help others.
👉2. Phlebotomy. If you can not donate blood, for one reason or another, then you can get a phlebotomy treatment. -Blood donation and phlebotomy will remove about a pint of blood and 220-250mg of iron from your body.
👉3. Stop consuming iron-rich foods. Decrease your consumption of muscles meats and other iron rich foods. If you DO consume iron rich foods, make sure they contain other iron regulators--Vitamin A and copper. ie. liver
👉4. Chelation. Of course, I am not saying to do aggressive chelation therapy, as these therapies can be quite dangerous. Yet, I am saying consume foods (and a few supplements) that work as natural chelators
-OJ/Vitamin C
-Milk and other dairy products due to their calcium content
-Shilajit - I have only used @mitolife, but have had good success. (Use CODE: DEERING15 for15% off)
👉5. Add in foods/substances that will DECREASE iron absorption
-Consume Coffee and/or tea with iron rich foods
-Consume cocoa with iron rich foods.
-Drink milk and other dairy products
-Reduce stress
-Lower estrogen levels--carrot salad, no soy, get off BC, HRT or ERT, reduce xenoestrogens (plastics, make up, etc)
-Consume a quality vitamin E supplement to protect against the oxidative effects of iron. Quality sources are UNIQUE E

And Vitamin E MITOLIFE use DEERING15 for 15% off

*Please understand this is not medical advise🙏
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