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My Top 12 Metabolic Supportive Foods

My Top 12 Metabolic Supportive Foods Recently, I have been focusing a lot of my time and energy on finding and using foods to heal the body, the metabolism, the thyroid, the liver and the gut. I have discovered that some foods can support your metabolism, while other foods can slow it down (more on those in another blog).  Some may be pretty obvious to you while others may be quite surprising to you… You see, I love to eat.  I love great tasting healthy food that provides me with great energy, nourishment, tastes great and helps support my metabolism.  There use to be a time in my life when I would eat cardboard tasting food because I thought it was healthy for me, how wrong I was.  Like many, I got caught up in the marketing of food.  Low calorie, low fat, low in nutrition, easy to make, yet taste like crap and filled with crap. Now, I know better, now I know what is going to energize me and keep my metabolism fired up (fresh, organic, not processed foods) vs unhealthy food (processed, fast food, frozen, conventional, sugar) that is going to slow my metabolism down and take energy away from me.  Can you remember a time that you ate a great, healthy meal and felt great afterwards?  What about when you ate an unhealthy meal, how did you feel?  Different?  Of course! With that said, I want to give you my TOP 12 healthy, energizing, metabolism boosting foods.  If you can find a way to get all of these foods in your diet, in the right amounts, at the right times, within your day and week, then... read more

Is Your Diet Making you Fat?

Is Your Diet Making you FAT? In my career, spanning over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, there is one thing I know for sure, dieting never works, at least long term.  In fact, long term, people who diet usually end up slowing their metabolism down and end up gaining weight and getting fat FATTER !   YIKES! First, what do I mean by dieting? When I reference “dieting”, I am referring to any food plan that is restrictive in one or all of the following area: 1. Calories.  The energy we get from food. 2. Micro-nutrients.  This could be vitamins, minerals or combination of both 3. Macro-nutrients.  This includes fat, protein, and/or carbs. These diets include, but are not limited to low calorie diets, low carb diets, low fat diets, low protein diets, low salt diets, liquid diets, cleanses, fasts, juice diets, vegan diets, and low REAL food diets. Can you lose weight on any of the above diets?  Yes, of course you will…short term. Will you also feel hungry and deprived?  YES! Will also you become cranky and crave sweet or salty foods?  YES!  Will you be able to maintain this diet for a lifetime?  Most likely, NO!   You might be able to last for awhile or a restrictive diet, but eventually you will crack and eat the foods you are craving. In fact, you have about  a 1-2% chance or maintaing a restrictive diet for over 2 years.  The only people I know that can maintain a calorie restrictive, nutrient deficient diet for any extended period of time are those that usually develop an eating disorder…and well,... read more

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From a healing perspective, I would say the following 5 things would make 80% of people FEEL better.

1. Eat REAL metabolic food. Do not eat processed crap that comes from a box or fast food chain. Eat whole, organic if possible, food. This means that most of the diet would consist of fresh fruits, juices, diary, fish, liver, eggs, roots, squashes, shellfish, coconut oil, salt and honey.

2. Eat more. Most people (especially women) I talk to are under eating. Well, I should clarify, they are under eating REAL food. To heal your body, you need plenty of energy and nutrients. If you are under eating or even worse, under eating food void of nutrition (aka. crap), you are going to have a hard time feeling better. Eat less shit. Eat more nutrient dense food.

3. Eat more sugars/carbs. Depending on the diet plan you may be coming from, many people are eating less than 150g. of healthy sugars/day. Like I said above, to heal your body you need energy! And what is your body's preferred source of energy--carbs/sugar/glucose!

4. Consume enough protein. If you have been reading my posts for the last three days, you know how important protein is for your body to heal. Protein is the ONLY macronutrient that is absolutely essential for life. Minimum is 80g., but most people need more, especially when you are trying to heal.

5. Balancing your meals. A good place to start for MOST people is 2:1 ratio Carb to Protein grams. And 2:1 ratio Protein to Fat grams. Which would look something like this 200:C 100:P 50:F. Exceptions to this are people coming off a low carb/keto type diet. These people need to add Carbs/sugar much slower, all the while lowering their fat intake. A general suggestion would be to add about 10-20g of carbs/sugars each week, while lowering fat by 5-10g. each week. Taking temp and pulse and logging how you feel, sleep, poop, etc. will be a good gauge if things are moving in the right direction.

Bottom line: For most people, if you want to feel better, you need more real food, less crap, more nutrients, more healthy sugars, more protein and a balance of all the macronutrients. As easy as this may sound, we all know it can be challenging to find the right ratios and foods for you. The best thing to do is try new things, log what you are doing, test and measure and learn from your mistakes.

Also, remember this post is about feeling better, not losing weight. Although losing weight will use the same foundational principles, weight loss takes more time, more tweaking and a strong foundation of good health to even try to lose the weight. Health has to come first. Once you are healthy, you can start to lose the weight.
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