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For over 20 years Kate Deering has been involved in the health and fitness industry helping men and women of all ages achieve optimal health and wellness. Read More…

My Top 12 Metabolic Supportive Foods

My Top 12 Metabolic Supportive Foods Recently, I have been focusing a lot of my time and energy on finding and using foods to heal the body, the metabolism, the thyroid, the liver and the gut. I have discovered that some foods can support your metabolism, while other foods can slow it down (more on those in another blog).  Some may be pretty obvious to you while others may be quite surprising to you… You see, I love to eat.  I love great tasting healthy food that provides me with great energy, nourishment, tastes great and helps support my metabolism.  There use to be a time in my life when I would eat cardboard tasting food because I thought it was healthy for me, how wrong I was.  Like many, I got caught up in the marketing of food.  Low calorie, low fat, low in nutrition, easy to make, yet taste like crap and filled with crap. Now, I know better, now I know what is going to energize me and keep my metabolism fired up (fresh, organic, not processed foods) vs unhealthy food (processed, fast food, frozen, conventional, sugar) that is going to slow my metabolism down and take energy away from me.  Can you remember a time that you ate a great, healthy meal and felt great afterwards?  What about when you ate an unhealthy meal, how did you feel?  Different?  Of course! With that said, I want to give you my TOP 12 healthy, energizing, metabolism boosting foods.  If you can find a way to get all of these foods in your diet, in the right amounts, at the right times, within your day and week, then... read more

Is Your Diet Making you Fat?

Is Your Diet Making you FAT? In my career, spanning over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, there is one thing I know for sure, dieting never works, at least long term.  In fact, long term, people who diet usually end up slowing their metabolism down and end up gaining weight and getting fat FATTER !   YIKES! First, what do I mean by dieting? When I reference “dieting”, I am referring to any food plan that is restrictive in one or all of the following area: 1. Calories.  The energy we get from food. 2. Micro-nutrients.  This could be vitamins, minerals or combination of both 3. Macro-nutrients.  This includes fat, protein, and/or carbs. These diets include, but are not limited to low calorie diets, low carb diets, low fat diets, low protein diets, low salt diets, liquid diets, cleanses, fasts, juice diets, vegan diets, and low REAL food diets. Can you lose weight on any of the above diets?  Yes, of course you will…short term. Will you also feel hungry and deprived?  YES! Will also you become cranky and crave sweet or salty foods?  YES!  Will you be able to maintain this diet for a lifetime?  Most likely, NO!   You might be able to last for awhile or a restrictive diet, but eventually you will crack and eat the foods you are craving. In fact, you have about  a 1-2% chance or maintaing a restrictive diet for over 2 years.  The only people I know that can maintain a calorie restrictive, nutrient deficient diet for any extended period of time are those that usually develop an eating disorder…and well,... read more

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99% of stress begins with our thoughts...

Yes, you heard me, 99% of STRESS begins with your thoughts!

From my experience, most people do not understand the power their thoughts have on their health and happiness. Thus, if you have stinking-thinking, you will create unwanted stress on your body, mind and spirit. Increased stress can lead to weight gain, muscle loss, illness, depression, sleep issues, constipation, etc., etc. etc. Even if what you are telling yourself is not true, YOUR negative thoughts, toward the situation, will have a negative impact on your health.

Prevention of stress, then, is best done by focusing on our thoughts, by changing how we think about those things we think are threatening.

"We first need to focus our attention to our thoughts and start asking ourselves a few simple questions:

1. Is the threat real? What is the perceived threat? What is the likelihood of this perceived threat actually happening? What is the chance of its occurrence? (Almost always the answer to this is that the threat is rarely going to hurt us.)

2. Can I handle this? (Our past experience tells us that we can always handle things)

3. Is the perceived threat one which I can do something about? Is it in my circle of concern or my circle of influence? (As one of my wise students once told me, “If you have control over it, there’s no need to worry about it. If you don’t have any control over it, you also don’t need to worry about it. There is nothing else. So why worry?)

4. Can I think about this differently? There are hundreds of ways to interpret the situation differently. That is the wonderful thing about free will or our innate freedom to choose."

-Dr. Michale Olpin, Leader in stress management

If you find your thoughts are not supportive to your healing, then KNOW you have the power to change them.
Let me give you an example:

Someone has been ill for a few years. They were diagnosed with chronic fatigue after a chemical exposure and have had HIGH stress levels for years.

The thought is, " I am exhausted ALL the time. I will never get better, I will always be sick. I am too tired to do anything. Everything I do makes me feel worse."

1. Now, I understand having chronic fatigue is not a joke. Chronic fatigue is very real, and millions of people suffer from it daily. Yet, is chronic fatigue going to kill you? No. Is it true you have no chance of getting better? No. Does EVERYTHING make it worse? No.

2. Can you handle this? Yes, most likely you have been already handling this feeling for awhile. Your history tells you, you CAN handle this.

3. Is there something you can do to help your situation? Yes. Rest. Focus on what you CAN do. Eat nutritionally. Get some sun. Be around people that support you. Keep your thoughts positive.

4. How can you think about your situation differently? Personally, I believe all illnesses, unwanted life changes, or challenging situations are opportunities to learn about yourself on a MUCH deeper levels. Yet, for you to see the learning, you have to STOP resisting the problem. Meaning as long as you see the challenge as something that is making you unhappy (remember "the challenging event/situation" is not making you unhappy, it's your thoughts around the challenge making you unhappy) you will miss the learning.

Continuing to focus on your illness, symptoms and everything you can not do, is NOT going to help your body heal. Remember your thoughts are adding more stress to your already fragile body. Redirecting your thoughts on what you can do, and and what is GOOD in your life, is going to reduce overall stress on your body, thus allowing for healing to occur.

*Bottom line: Almost ALL stress begins with your thoughts. Stress inhibits thyroid function and lowers metabolism. Thus, if you want to heal and increase metabolism, shift your thoughts.
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