How to Heal Your Metabolism

Stop Blaming aging for your slowing Metabolism

Are you ready to learn…                                           

–  How eating the right metabolic foods that will increase you metabolic rate?

–  How to eat more and still lose weight?

–  Why your current “healthy” diet and exercise program may be slowing your metabolic rate?

–  Why rest and sleep are essential for a High metabolic rate?

–  Why being happy will help increase your metabolic rate and help heal your broken metabolism?


  “This book has the important information that a person needs for self-defense against the culture’s medical-nutritional menaces. Readers will want their friends to know about it, and the large amount of technical information in it is so clearly presented that I think it will soon have a wide readership. I really enjoyed reading this book.”

~ Ray Peat, PhD, biologist, nutritional researcher and author of numerous books and articles (

Stop blaming aging for your slowing metabolism! How to Heal Your Metabolism will help educate you on how eating the right foods, eating the right amount of food, consuming the right food supplements, consuming the right amount of water, sleeping and resting, doing the right amount of exercise, and finding happiness will increase your metabolic rate and help heal your broken metabolism.

Based on the work of Dr. Ray Peat, Dr. Gilbert Ling, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Dr. Broda Barnes, Dr. Constance Martin, Dr. Hans Selye, Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, Dr. Lita Lee, Chris Masterjohn, and Josh Rubin, How to Heal Your Metabolism will give you a completely different perspective on which foods, supplements and exercise are actually “healthy” for you and which ones may be harming you.

How to Heal Your Metabolism will question everything you thought you knew about health and nutrition. If you are ready to understand nutrition and health in a completely different light, then you need to read this book.

“You NEED this book if you care about your health! It is one of the few books that truly encompasses what whole body healing is all about. It not only teaches you about your body physiology, but also allows you to understand the physiology of food and the connecting between both. Food alone has the largest impact on the physiology of our systems. If we begin to understand our foods, we can begin to understand ourselves.”

~ Josh Rubin, author of Saturated Fact and the creator of The Metabolic Blue Print (


Kate Deering is a respected personal trainer and holistic nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle coach. With more than 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry, she prides herself on her out-of-the-box methods that support metabolic health and improve health and body function.

Kate has committed her life to finding the answers to optimal health, a high metabolism, and true happiness. Her own journey to health and happiness became the foundation of her teachings and helped her understand why health is not established with dieting and over-exercising but with self-love and an increase in cellular metabolism—usually achieved with eating more and working out less.

Through continual research and reading, Kate realized a high running metabolism is the foundation to great health, happiness, and longevity. As an author, mentor, consultant, and educator, she coaches people around the world on how to improve their metabolism by using real food, rest, sleep, the right type of exercise and self-love.

Kate holds degrees in psychology and exercise science, is a Certified Nutritional Coach, Z-Health Practitioner and is a Holistic Exercise and Lifestyle Coach through the CHEK Institute.


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Here are 10 THINGS you can do HELP heal your metabolism

1. Eat a metabolically supportive diet: saturated fats, healthy sugars, coffee, salt, digestible proteins, fruits, cooked roots and vegetables, juice, dairy, liver, oysters, bone broth, gelatin, mineral broth, butter, chocolate and even ice cream.

2. Remove crap that is anti-metabolic: PUFA (ALL polyunsaturated fats), soy, legumes, goitrogenic vegetables, crappy grains, NOT sleeping enough, toxic people, toxic jobs, toxic thinking.

3. Allow for proper recovery: Sleep, rest, meditation, stretching, yoga, light therapy, massage, acupuncture, Z-drills

4. Breathing. Deep breathing, bag breathing, yoga

5. Movement: Do what your body is healthy enough to do. If you need to recover and are over stressed then yoga, short walks, Thai chi, and enjoyable low stress activities are best. If your body is becoming healthy and is well fueled, then weight training is the most optimal exercise, as it can increase muscle mass

6. Brain Training: Z health (proprioception, vision and vestibular drills)

7. Light therapy: Sun light, Infrared, red light, tanning bed

8. Taking charge of your life. Making choices that support your health and happiness.

9. Changing your narrative. Focus on health vs weight loss. Focus on reducing symptoms vs. your body fat %.

10. Supplements: I have purposely listed this last, as I believe adding supplements are LAST thing to look when trying to fix the metabolic rate. Thyroid hormone, progesterone, pregnenolone, B vitamins, cyproheptadine, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Methylene blue, caffeine, aspirin, and/or antibiotics.

At the end of the day, healing is about supporting YOUR system with what it needs: energy, love, rest, stimulation, light, healthy self talk, breathe, and the right supplements. Now, what you need may be different than what your spouse, neighbor or friend may need. This means you may need to take the time to learn about yourself, your needs and how your body responds to certain stimuli, foods and therapies.

This is YOUR journey, it's ALL about YOU learning about YOU.
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