Seven Exercise movements EVERYONE should be doing…


Seven Exercise movements EVERYONE should be doing…

When I talk about exercises there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of exercises you can literally perform.  Now, with the on-set of functional training, kettle bells, ropes, med balls, bands, TRX, etc the quest for the perfect workout seems quite confusing.

Well, I am here to make it a little easier  for you.  Your body is designed to move…right?  In fact, your body is designed to perform seven main primal movement patterns.  Primal patterns are used to describe the movement patterns our ancestors used while hunting, gathering and building.  They are the same movement patterns we use today in every day life.  They are to lunge, push, pull, squat, bend, twist and gait (walking/running).  Therefore, to keep your body strong, lean and functional, EVERY great workout you perform should contain some, if not all, of these primal patterns…

  1. Squat.  The squat is one of the best exercises to strengthen the butt, front (quads) and back (hamstrings) of the legs.  Most of us squat all day long and do not even realize it.  Every time you sit down you are squatting…well, almost.  When you do an actual squat you don’t sit back on anything.  You sit back and put the weight of your body in your heals and when you feel you can not go any lower you come up…
  2. (Push) Push Up, chest press, etc.  This is a great chest and core exercise.  A push-up is just a plank in motion.  Start on your knees.  Trying doing as many as you can and then add in at least one more push-up each week.  When you can do 20 on your knees, try moving to your toes.
  3. The Lunge.  I love lunging.  You can do it forward, backward, static, walking, lateral, the list goes on and on.  The lunge is a great butt and leg shaper.  Think of lunging like exaggerated walking.
  4. (Pull) Pull up.  The pull up is great for your back and arms.  If you can’t do a full pull up on your own then either use an assist machine or use a Lat pull down machine.
  5. (Bend) The dead lift, straight leg dead lift,or bent over row would work here.  The bend is great for core stability, back and leg strength.
  6. (Twist) The twist is any rotational movement.  Lunge with rotation, wood chops, row with rotation, press with rotation, any throwing, swinging or batting move.  Also, great for the core, the low back, hips and butt.
  7. (Gait) This is your body moving in motion by leg action.  Gait includes walking, running  or sprinting.  Gait is what keeps your cardiovascular system in check, helps burn fat and keeps you breathing right.

Here is an example of a Primal pattern workout:

10-20  dumbbell squats,

10-20 lateral lunges,

1-10 pull-ups or 5-10 pull downs,

5-10 dead lifts

10 Med ball wood chops

1-5 100 yard sprints

Do 1-3 sets of these exercises, 2-3x a week.

These 7 exercises will help shape you butt, your thighs, your back, your chest, your arms and you core…

Exercise does not have complicated, just hit the 7 Primal movement patterns and your body will do the rest.

Your Optimal Fitness Coach,

Kate Deering


Paul Chek  ”Eat, Move and Be Healthy”

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